I Bet I Can Beat Your Control
In Less Than 48 Hours...
Or I'll Pay You $50,000

From the desk of Justin Goff

Let's make a bet.

If you give me just 48 hours...

I will take a current control of yours, and I’ll BEAT it.

Whether that control has been working for years...or it’s fatiguing and needs some help...or even if it’s “damn close” to working on cold traffic…

I will beat it in just 48 hours.

In fact, I bet I’ll be able to add an extra $100,000 - $5 million in PROFIT to your

business (this year) with the changes I make to your control.

And if I can’t pull this off...

I’ll make it up to you by writing you a check for $50,000.

Sounds crazy, I know…

But I’m confident I can do this.

How To Take Me Up
On This Crazy Offer

  • You, or someone from your team, must show up in Austin, TX on October 9th, 10th and 11th at the Fairmont Hotel for an event I’m putting on called “Beat Your Control”.
  • At the event, I'll reveal a series of 18 "control beaters” I've personally used to generate over $150M in extra sales in the last 8 years... for multiple offers in multiple niches...
  • And then... together, we'll implement the top three "control beaters" to your funnel so that you can PROFIT from them ( I'll show you, or your team, the exact steps to do it)

If you do all of this, and you don't see an immediate boost in your conversions or AOV that can make you an extra $100,000 to $5 million this year...

Then I'll pay you $50,000 for the trouble.

That’s right.

I’ll literally write you a check for $50,000.

Yes, this is a bold offer.

So as you can imagine, the investment for my Beat Your Control event is not cheap.

It's $25,000 to attend.

I know that’s more expensive than most events...

Which is why I’m GUARANTEEING you make at least $100,000 - $5 million in additional profits from the event, or I’ll give you DOUBLE your money back.

That means, if you don’t get the results I’m promising, then I’ll write you a check for $50,000 (for an event you’re paying $25,000 for).

So no matter what...

You're going to make money from this.

Either your funnels will generate an extra $100,000 to $5 million in the next 12 months...

Or you'll be holding a $50,000 check from me in your hands.

Sound fair?

Now - you may be wondering...

How can I make such a daring, risky offer?

After all...

This Bet Is One-Sided For You
(You'll Make At Least $50,000...
No Matter What)

It's simple, really. Because no matter what funnel you throw at me... whether it's "fatiguing", losing money... or even straight-out dead...

I have confidence that I can "bring it back to life".

In fact, I’ve made 9 different offers work on cold traffic over the years.

To put that in perspective, having 1 “hit product” on cold traffic can make you rich. I’ve done it 9 different times (for both my own products and my clients).

And I’ve done it in nearly every big niche out there.

In the health niche, I’ve made 4 different supplements work on cold traffic. I’ve also made 3 different ebooks work on cold traffic.

In the financial niche, I helped a publisher add $12 in AOV to his front-end newsletter so that he could scale to 600 customers per day.

In the dating niche, I helped a client boost his AOV on his free + shipping offer from $24 -> $33. A boost of $9, which will make him an extra $1.6 million this year.

In the survival niche, I’ve helped 2 different clients to take “dead” offers and fix them so that they work on Facebook traffic now (and they’re both scaling these 700+ sales per day)

I could go on. But the point is simple.

I’ve made a LOT of of offers work on cold traffic for both myself and my clients.

And I can do the same for you.

Just take a look at some of the big-hitters who I’ve helped….

“...boosted our free+shipping offer
by $2.70 per customer”


“Justin was able to boost the order value for one of our free+shipping offers around $2.70 per customer. This specific funnel was able to do over 2000 buyers per day for us at one point after those improvements, and still doing about 1000 customers per day currently. Without that order value boost that Justin got us, we'dprobably be stuck around 200 buyers a day instead.”

- Mike Geary, multi-millionaire info product owner

“...instant 25%+ improvement
to our offer’s AOV”


“Justin reviewed an offer of mine and in just 45 minutes he pin-pointed a simple change that resulted in an instant 25%+ improvement to our offer’s AOV. As a result we were able to scale that offer to cold traffic and it became a game changer for our business that continues to bear fruit to this day.”

- Allen Baler, owner of a high 8 figure survival and health business

“Justin BEATS controls”


“Justin does one thing better than anyone else I know… He beats controls. If you’re a beginner, he’s probably not for you, but if you want to get more customers and scale an offer on cold traffic, he’s the go-to guy”

- Alex Maroko, 8-figure business owner in personal development and men’s dating

“...his winning split tests
have made me $300k+”


“Justin may not really know how much he's already put in my personal bank account, my teams pockets and how he's impacted my life and businesses... but some of the winning split tests he’s given me have added at least $300,000 to our offers”

- Robby Amaro, Naturely Skin Care

“Justin is the sole reason we
are currently able to scale our offer”


“Of all of the people I have worked with in the last 10 years, Justin has easily been the most quantifiably effective person we've worked with - he's essentially the sole reason why we are currently able to scale our facebook ads, why our copy still converts on an offer that's over 2 years old, and the value there has been immense”

- David Sinick, sold more than 300,000 cookbooks via direct response last year

So what did I do to help all of these SMART marketers?

I beat their controls using a few little-known “control beaters” that I’ve discovered over the years...

I Call These Money-Making Secrets
My "7-Figure Control Beaters"

They're called that because...

Many of these "control beaters" by themselves... have added an extra 7-figures in PROFIT to funnels many others had given up on...

Frankly, I know for a fact...

These control beaters will work on any of your sales funnels as well.

They work for info products, newsletters, free + shipping offers, supplements, books, physical products, subscription offers and more...

In fact, I believe in these control beaters so strongly that...

On day one of the event, I’ll actually give you one of these “7-Figure Control Beaters” at the very start so you can implement it right away and start making money while you’re at the event!


You Don't Need To Change A Single
Word Of Copy In Your Promo For
These Control Beaters To Work!

Yes, you read that right.

Surprisingly, several of these control beaters DON'T EVEN require you to change the copy inside your VSL, landing page or sales letter...

You see...

There are at least 2-3 "Points of Hidden Profit" in every online funnel that even the SMARTEST marketers overlook.

But when you know what to look for… and where to find them...

You can get some BIG boosts without doing much work.

It's like digital marketing jiu-jitsu...

You use what's already there... instead of writing completely new copy.

And because of that...

You won't have to struggle with coming up with new leads, headlines, hooks, USPs or big ideas.

It means you won't be paying some copywriter $15 - $25k either... writing a completely new promo from scratch... praying their new copy beats your current control.

It also means --

You can use what you already have in place... and just tweak it with my simple

"7 Figure Control Beaters"!

So in short --

With these tweaks... you could be making more money... with what you already have... RIGHT NOW!

Of course --

Some of my other Control Beaters DO require you make revisions to your current promo...

However --

Here's what I can unequivocally promise you...

Implementing these "7-Figure Control Beaters" won't take more than a couple of hours of work.

I recently got paid $177,000 in performance fees from a client... for something that only took me 2 hours to do!

And that's why...

At my event, I will personally do a live breakdown of your entire funnel.

You will get my full attention and help. I'll be looking over your shoulder.

And it is my goal...

That by the time you leave...

You Will Have NEW Controls
That Could Make You An
Extra $100,000 to $5 Million This Year

I know. I said this already.

But I gotta say it again...

Using my control beaters at this workshop...

Your funnels will be making an extra $100,000 to $5 million in revenue... in the next year.

And probably much sooner if you have a business that’s already bringing in customers.

And if I can't deliver on this promise...

I will personally write you a 50,000
dollar check.

Sure, I'm a broken record.

I'm also confident I can deliver.

Let me tell you something...

My clients (in multiple, different markets) are all more than willing to pay me between $40,000 - $150,000 on average for each project I do for them.

Even though they know that sometimes I only do a few hours of work for them...

And they’re glad to pay because I get them RESULTS with my Control Beaters.

  • I've personally used these control beaters to crush long-standing controls in major markets like health, finance, survival, dating, personal development, fitness... and more.
  • I’ve increased conversions on newsletters, books, training courses, supplements, health foods, gear... and even free plus shipping offers.
  • And it doesn't matter if you get traffic from Facebook Ads, Google, email drops, affiliates, or native ads...

These control beaters simply work,

And they make you more money.

But Forget About The Money,
Here’s Why You Really
Need to Be At This Event…

The game of cold traffic is changing.

Click costs are continuing to rise with no end in sight...

And the competition in certain niches like health, finance, survival and dating is increasing everyday…

You simply can’t put out a ho-hum VSL with basic upsells and expect it to work anymore.

This isn’t 2010.

Now EVERYTHING has to be dialed in. From your ad to your sales page to your checkout page to each of your upsells. Some people even have to do outbound phone sales just to make their offers work.

Which proves my point.

It’s getting harder and harder to acquire customers.

And if you can’t acquire NEW customers with your offer, then you’re toast!

Listen —

If I haven’t convinced you what I’ve got is valuable by this point…

You probably don’t get it… or you’re not playing at the same level as my clients yet.

That’s fine.


If you’ve got funnels pulling in consistent orders… but you can’t get it profitable…

Or you have old offers that are fatiguing… and you’re about to give up on them…

Or maybe you’d like to take your current control to the next level… and milk it for everything’s it got…

Then I’ll make this simple for you…

Come to Austin, Texas on October 9th - 11th...

And if I can't show you how to beat your control, acquire more customers than ever before, and add an extra $100,000 to $5 million in revenue to your business this year...

Then I will personally write you a check for $50,000 as an apology for wasting your time.

Now, it's important you (or your trusted staff) actually come to this event...


Because I will not be sharing these control beaters anywhere else…

You won’t hear about them on my email list.

I won’t share them at masterminds.

The only way you’ll get them is if you’re a private client of mine (which usually costs $40,000-$150,000 per project) or if you’re at my Beat Your Control event.

That’s it.

Here's what you really need to know about this event...

These Control Beaters Will Be
Revealed For The First
And Only Time To The 15 People At
My "Beat Your Control" Event

I have never shared, revealed, or even hinted at these secret Control Beaters to anyone before.

I have NOT shared them at masterminds…

I have NOT shared them on my email list.

These are Control Beaters I've discovered from spending over $30 million in paid traffic to figure out...

Control Beaters I've used to acquire more than 1,000 customers PER DAY for some offers...

Yet nobody except me knows the full details of what they are or how they work.

In fact...

My former business partner of nearly three years... Allen Baler...doesn't even know the specifics of the control beaters I am going to share with you (and we worked together every single day).

Truth is..

When I take a dead or dying offer... and make it profitable again.

My clients usually think it’s some "copywriting voodoo". (It's not.)

Many of these control beaters have NOTHING to do with copy…

They’re simple tweaks you can make to your funnel to instantly get a 15, 30 or even 60% boost in conversions.

And I've kept these "7-Figure Control Beaters" close to my chest for years now... making myself, my business and my clients a lot of money.

However, in Austin, Texas on October 9th, 10th and 11th…

These control beaters will be revealed for the first and only time to 15 people.

Let me make this abundantly clear...

I have never shared these secrets in public before.
Each and every attendee will sign a non-disclosure agreement.
This event will NOT be filmed and sold

And remember…

Every single person that attends the event is guaranteed to walk away with either MORE customers than ever before, or an extra $100,000 - $5,000,000 in extra profit this year (or both).

So you may be asking why I would reveal these secrets after all this time...

And take on such a risk.

In a moment, I'll tell you.

But first, let me share a bit about myself...

How I Went From Having $2,000 In
My Bank Account To Becoming A
Multi-Millionaire At Age 34

As I've mentioned, my name is

Chances are, you’re on this page because you’re on my email list, or because we know each other already.

As I've said...

I like to stay under-the-radar and make my money quietly.

But over the last few years...

I've built a reputation of taking old and dying offers and resurrecting them.

This is exactly what I did with our hit product, Patriot Power Greens, when it started to fatigue.

Let me tell you a story:

I remember laboring over the copy and hook for Patriot Power Greens... for months.

It felt "right", but I had no clue if it was going to work.

I was still new to the supplement world at the time.

But the first email drop we did on Newsmax was the real eye-opener.

I think we spent about $3,000 to test part of the Newsmax list.

And I remember checking the stats later that night and being shocked that the email brought in close to $14,000.

I had never seen anything like it.

"Holy shit" I thought. "This is going to be huge."

And for a while… it was huge.

We quickly went from getting 20 customers a day to getting between 500-700 customers a day.

And it looked like we were destined to just keep riding the "Hockey Stick of Growth" that most companies only dream about.

But then one day in November, everything started to stall...

The Day My Money-Making Offer

We'd just purchased an email drop on one of our top performing lists (Glenn Beck)... a list we'd previously made hundreds of thousands of dollars on.

Except… it bombed. And we lost money.

No big deal, right? Must have been a glitch.

But then it happened again. And a few days later it happened on another list.

For every $5,000 we spent on an email drop… we were suddenly losing $2,500.

Now, if you look at the overall numbers for the business… we were still slightly "profitable" thanks to our back-end.

Heck, I'd even talk to people, and they'd say stuff like…

"You're making over $1mm a year! What the hell are you complaining about? Besides, losing money on the front-end is totally normal."

Thing is…

I could see that this was going downhill fast.

Our original copy had seemed so great. But if our hook wasn't working anymore… then what?

Did I need to rewrite the entire sales letter?

Thing is…

I could see that this was going downhill fast.

Our original copy had seemed so great. But if our hook wasn't working anymore… then what?

Did I need to rewrite the entire sales letter?

Had the previous 8 months just been a fluke?

I remember panicking. And feeling like it was all going to fall apart.

New customers were the lifeblood of our business. They bought all the stuff on the backend.

And now?

We went from bringing in 500 customers a day to around 30 a day.

And even with the decrease in customers we were STILL losing money on our customer acquisition.

Which didn’t sit well with me...

“You’re Supposed To Lose Money
On The Front-End” They Say
(I Call Bullshit)

You know…

Over the last few years, I've talked to hundreds of business owners.

And almost all of them tell a similar story as mine.

The cold sweat and heart-stopping panic when their front-end offer that brings in all the customers suddenly stops working.

You start scrambling.

You blame the list owner you rented from.

You think Taboola or Outbrain is screwing you.

You start split-testing headlines and new leads.

If you’re lucky you get some minor boosts in conversion, but that doesn’t always happen.

And your sales that were so rosey in January, February and March suddenly look pretty bleak for the rest of the year.

This happens to everyone.

Even people who have already built 7, 8, and even 9-figure business...

And I've been there too.

It suuuuuuucckkkksssss.

Ask Allen about this period when our Patriot Power Greens front-end offer was hemorrhaging money...

It was not fun.

So out of desperation, I started testing… A lot.

In fact, over the next two years, we spent over $15 million on cold traffic to figure out what worked and what didn't.

And in the process, we challenged two massive assumptions that most direct response businesses just take for granted…

You Have To Lose Money
On The Front End

Basically everyone tells you that the front-end is supposed to break even or lose a little bit of money… and that you're then supposed to make your "real" money on the back-end.

This is treated as gospel among most marketers.

Just take this advice from one funnel expert I saw recently…

"Let's get into how the REALLY savvy marketers crank up the speed at which they're able to grow any company. Here's what they do: They lose money on every new customer they generate."

Look, on some level, the idea makes sense. And I understand why companies like Agora do this (because it makes them more money overall).

But there’s a few problems with this...

First, it puts huge pressure on your back-end...

Look at the numbers from Patriot Power Greens. We were spending $5,000 on each email drop to generate $2,500. (And these numbers are not that atypical for most businesses.)

In other words, our back-end was required to generate at least as much money as our front-end.

And that was just to break-even on our ad spend.

That's not to say anything about the cost of paying copywriters, designers, traffic people, affiliate managers, employees… or you know… fulfilling the actual product.

When you factor in these "shadow costs"…

Your back-end offer really has to generate more like 2x or 3x the revenue of what you're making on the front-end to be remotely profitable.

And that leads me to the second big problem…

Nobody likes losing money on the front-end when you could be making money!

When it comes to cash flow, it’s a hell of a lot better to make money on the front-end.

Cause whether you’re doing 200 sales a day, or a 1000 sales a day, losing money on each sale adds up quickly.

But the dirty truth that nobody tells you is…

You don't actually have to lose money up-front.

Most people just "put up” with breaking even or losing a bit of money on their front-end offer.

They don't think it's possible to acquire customers and turn a profit at the same time.

But it is.

Once I "cracked the code," the majority of the customers I acquired after that, I acquired at a PROFIT.

Hell, we were getting paid as much as $30-$50 per new customer in free-and-clear profit at certain times.

Yet being successful on the front-end does not mean doing what you might expect.

You Have To Be (Or Hire) A World
Class Copywriter To Beat A Control

Look, good copy can make a night-and-day difference on the performance of your funnel.

So if your offer isn't working... then it makes sense to just change the copy, test out a new big idea, or write a brand new lead.

Problem is…

It's expensive.

It's really, really expensive.

Hiring a copywriter to redo your sales page can cost you upwards of $25,000 plus royalties (if you hire a good one).

And guess what?

You have no idea if it will actually give you a boost.

Maybe you'll get lucky and boost your conversion rate by 20%…

But the majority of the time… nothing will happen. Or the new letter will perform worse.

Now sure, you could just rewrite the lead instead. That won't set you back quite as much.

But you're still going to be paying out $10,000 to $25,000 each time. And you'll still have no guarantee that it will make you money.

Writing new copy is basically the “Spaghetti Method." All you're doing is throwing a bunch of stuff at the wall and hoping something will stick.

And, if your situation is at all like mine was…

Then you're already taking a huge loss on the front-end… and don't have the luxury of gambling on copy that "might" work.

You can't just "hope" for a lucky break. You need...

A Guaranteed Way
To Make Money Quickly…

That's what I discovered with Patriot Power Greens.

Turns out, getting a higher conversion rate or beating your current control doesn't just come down to the copy you're using.

It's about how you use that copy.

And with a few specific adjustments to your funnel…

You can 2x, 3x, and even 10x your conversion rate (and also significantly boost your average order value)… while still using the exact same copy.

I call these my "7-Figure Control Beaters”…

Because you can literally make a tiny tweak to your funnel… test it… and add a few hundred thousand dollars to your business over the course of a year.

Thanks to these secrets, Patriot Health Alliance went from a struggling $1 million company…

To hitting $7.5 million by the end of the year…

To comfortably bringing in over $23 million in just two and a half years.

All of that was driven by the fact we were profitable on the front-end for a big chunk of that time.

And that we got paid to acquire over 278,000 new customers.

Heck, we grew so fast...

Forbes magazine reached out to me and wanted to feature me in a 3-page spread alongside guys like Tim Ferriss and Lewis Howes.

That's me over to the right...

Now —

When your front-end is profitable like this…

Guess what happens to your back-end?

  • Your back-end revenue goes up… Because new customers start flooding into your business every day. (And I'm talking about buyers who are already primed to buy more from you.)
  • Every additional dollar you make is now pure profit. You don't have to cover for any expenses on the front-end.

Now here's the interesting thing…

After I sold my stake in Patriot Power Greens (and took a year off to relax)…

I started testing these secrets with a few private consulting clients.

I knew they worked for Patriot Power Greens… But could they also work for everyone else?

Well they did...

How Dave Sinick Went From
LOSING $40,000 A Month
To PROFITING $27,000 A Month
With His Main Funnel

One of my first clients was my buddy Dave Sinick from Paleohacks.

He called me panicking.

His "Paleo Sweets" offer had been bringing in 900+ customers a day on cold traffic for a while.

But now the average order value (AOV) was dropping significantly... to the point where they were losing money bad on the front-end.

As everyone in the direct response world knows...

Adding new customers is the lifeblood of our business.

If you can't get new customers, you can't grow your business... and it will shrivel up and die.

It's that simple.

And that's why Dave asked me to come in and take a look at his funnel.

To see if I could fix it.

I took one look and knew exactly what to do right away.

I implemented one of my powerful “control beaters” to their upsell, and my version not only trashed their previous control…

But they went from losing $1.55 on every sale... to making a $1.20 on each sale.

That’s a $2.70 swing on a free + shipping offer that had a $16 AOV!

If you’re not familiar with the economics of F+S offers, thats a BIG deal!

And after that they were able to ramp up their ad spend, and bring in more customers than ever before (at a profit, I might add!)

And Dave gladly sent me a check for $54,000 for that AOV boost I got him.

Look, I get that what I'm saying might sound hard to believe...

Especially when you consider how incredibly easy these "7-Figure Control Beaters" are to implement.

So that's why right now…

I'm going to straight-up give you a control beater you can run today… to show you I’m not making this stuff up.

This will add five or six figures to your bottom line without writing a single word of copy…

It’s the secret I’ve used on numerous clients funnels, and you’re going to get it for free.

Before I share exactly what I did however…

I need you to promise me something. I need you to agree to…

Try This PROVEN Control Beater
Right Now In Your Business
(Seriously, Do It!)

Here's the deal...

On your upsells, there’s a little video hack you can do to instantly increase your conversions.

Take your first upsell… the one right after the front-end offer… and test it as just a VIDEO.

That means a video with no copy underneath. No headline. Just a video that autoplays and has an “add to cart” button that pops up at the end when you finally make your pitch for your offer.

Do this and you’ll see an instant jump in your AOV.

In 4 different markets, I’ve seen jumps as high as…13%, 17% and even 22%. Which is a significant increase in average order value.

Now, you may be thinking…

"Hold on Justin. Is that really all there is to it?!"

Yes and no.

At the seminar we will be going into a lot more detail on this "7-Figure Control Beater". I'll walk you through the specific way you have to set up the video to get the maximum boost…

I'll show you the exact split-tests I ran to prove this…

And explain why it works (it's not what you might think).

However, you're right…

It is dead simple.

And you can test this right now… based on what I’ve told you… and see a conversion boost.

That's the point though.

These "7-Figure Control Beaters" are quick and easy to run.

Most businesses blow their money on testing new copy or new angles… when their offer starts to fatigue.

I’m telling you…

If your copy is already converting reliably… even if it’s not profitably… it’s good enough.

You’re simply not leveraging it the way I would.

And yeah, it can be as simple as using only video on your upsell page.

Trust me…

Go see for yourself how well this secret works and split-test it.

In fact, if you test this and can prove to me that it does not work for your business…

I'll credit you $2,000 toward the cost of my seminar.

And that’s just one of the "7-Figure Split Tests" that I've got for you.

Fact is...

I’ve Got A Whole Bag
Of Tricks For You

For example, you'll also discover what I like to call the “Size Matters" control beater…

A simple way to position your offer so people will tolerate a higher price-point.

I used this with my ED supplement Ultimate Male to get my customers to spend $17 more on every single order…

And get this…

I increased my conversion rate at the same time!

I'm serious!

Then there’s the “Glass Revolver” control beater.

I did this recently for a client in the health space.

He was doing 50 sales a day and couldn’t scale because like everyone else…

It was a front-end that was losing money. (Problem #1)

He hired me to write some new leads thinking that would solve it. (Problem #2)

I took a look at his funnel and suggested something else entirely.

I told him I didn’t need to touch his copy at all.

He was skeptical, so I threw down the gauntlet. “Pay me nothing now. But for every percentage point increase in conversion… I get $3,000”

He had nothing to lose and agreed. I spent two hours making a very simple tweak — the “Glass Revolver” special.

The result? A 59% conversion boost.

Even I was surprised by this! Usually, I get 15% to 30% increases reliably with this control beater.

Obviously, he was thrilled. His front-end was making money now… and we didn’t have to change a word of copy!

He immediately began driving more traffic to it. Last I heard, he was up to 300 orders a day… every single day.

And yes, I got paid. $177,000.

I’m going to show you the exact tweaks I made (and how you can copy what I did for your business)… at my Beat Your Control event.

You'll also discover...

  • The “PROOF BOMB”. It takes less than 10 minutes to implement and can practically double your conversion rate. And you won't have to change a single word in your copy!
  • How my “Always Be Closing” control beater completely flipped every idea of how Free+Shipping offers “should” work. I've used this one to increase conversions by as much as 37% on the front-end (on a well-tested control). And it also boosts AOV at the same time!
  • Got a dying offer that used to perform well? Do not change the sales page or the VSL. Instead, give it a second life with my “Lazarus Resurrection” control beater... this one has worked miracles on countless offers. I've extended “dead offers” by as much as six months...and even acquired 70,000 new customers that wouldn't have existed otherwise!
  • This one is insanely easy. It takes 5 minutes of work tops. I call it the “DR. OZ EFFECT”. It's not what you think. You don't have to pay him a licensing fee or get on his show. But you will see a conversion bump around 25% - 30% from it.
  • And then there's my “Inception” tweak. It's a “control beater inside a control beater”. I recently added this simple tweak to a client's VSL. I didn't touch his original copy. The result? A 39% boost in conversions and a $2.45 AOV bump... plus, his offer is profitable now.

That's just eight of the Control Beaters I'm going to share with you...

And I've got a lot more of them.

And best part about all this?

Each of these “7-Figure Control Beaters” is all well and good...

But if you want to really make money...

Imagine Stacking
These Control Beaters...
One After Another

Listen —

You could make an extra $100,000 - $5,000,000 (depending on the size of your business) with any one of these Control Beaters.

But let’s talk real money.

Why not stack these Control Beaters on top of each other?

For example, say you're currently taking a slight loss on cold traffic.

And that for every $5000 you spend on advertising, you're making back $3900.

Most people would consider this "pretty good" already.


What if you use the “Video Only Upsell" tweak I just gave you above and get a 15% boost in revenue?

(This is a conservative figure too… I've seen folks get increases that are way, way bigger than that.)

You're breaking even now.

Then you stack on the “Inception” control beater which gives you a 39% boost.

Finally, you slip in the "Dr. Oz Effect" to jump your conversion by another 29%.

(Remember, that one only takes 5 minutes to implement… and these are all results that my clients have gotten.)

Guess what?

You're now making $9,440 on every $5,000 of traffic buy!

In other words, you're getting paid nearly two dollars for every buck you spend.

What’s more… I just increased your AOV by 242%.

This is just the front-end too. And it doesn't factor in any of the extra "pure profit" you'll make down the road.

And that’s not all…

This is only from applying three of the eighteen "7-Figure Control Beaters" I'll be revealing to you at my event.

Simply put...

You Need To Be In Austin, Texas
On October 9th, 10th and 11th

Here’s the skinny on this event.

I’m calling it the “Beat Your Control Seminar”.

I’m holding it on October 9th, 10th and 11th (that’s Tues-Thurs) at the beautiful, NEW Fairmont Hotel in Austin, Texas.

I’ve already book a conference room, because I have several clients who’ve committed to come already.

In other words — this event is happening with or without you.

This conference room will fit about 50 attendees comfortably.

It's much bigger than the 15 limit because...

If you’d like to bring your staff… like your marketing manager, copywriter or programmer (which I’m assuming many will)… you can (it’s $5k per person that you bring, up to 2 extra people max)

ALSO...if you can’t make it for some reason. Or you simply don’t want to sit in a conference room for 3 days, you are more than welcome to send your marketing director or "funnel guy" on your behalf.

HOWEVER — I'm not kidding around when I say I am limiting the number of people to 15 (I’ll tell you why in a second…)

And if you qualify to attend…

Over two and a half days…

I will walk you through the exact Control Beaters, I've personally used to fix the funnels of MAJOR health, finance, survival and dating companies.

Not just in one niche… Or only with info-products or supplements…Or just using email drops or affiliate traffic…

My Control Beaters have worked in every market I have tested them in. And they’ve worked for every product type and traffic source imaginable.

And they will work for you as well.

And as a bonus...

We will actually implement at least one of my TOP Control Beaters to
one of your funnels on the first day of the event.

So that you can start making money before you even fly back home.

Sound good?

Now — you may still be wondering why I'm willing to spill all these secrets...

I'll be completely honest with you.

I wish I had a noble, world-saving reason... or some cool Jay Abraham type story... like how I'm retiring, or some shameless bribe...

But I don't.

Truth is - I've hit capacity for my client work. I literally can not take on anymore clients. In fact, I’m even turning away current clients right now who want me to do more work for them.

So the only way I can work with more people is in a group setting.

And this Beat Your Control event allows me to do that.

This way you’re able to get the SAME secrets and insights that my private clients are getting.

DAY 1 of Beat Your Control...
I’ll Reveal Everything

On day one, I’ll walk you through every single one of my eighteen "7-Figure Control Beaters" in extreme detail.

And I mean extreme…

Not only will I be sharing exactly what these secrets are and how to implement them in your business…

We're going to go deep into the psychology behind them and why they work…

I'll share the subtle nuances for how to optimize them for your unique business.

And I'll walk you through multiple examples from my and my clients businesses… looking in detail at the entire funnel, what I changed, and what happened afterwards.

By the way, notice that I said "multiple examples".

Because these "7-Figure Control Beaters" have been proven in more than one niche or market.

Each one is actionable, quick to implement, and will work regardless of your specific niche, traffic source, or offer.

In fact, each of these Control Beaters were tested rigorously and had to increase conversions by 20% in at least three different markets before they made it to “the list”.

However, I'm not going to stop at just teaching you these "7-Figure Control Beaters"

I'm going to show you the specific ones that will give you the most bang-for-your-buck on your specific funnel…

DAY 2: I’ll Break Down Your Specific Funnel
In A Live Hot-Seat

On day 2, we’ll do 8 different hot seats (and I'll share how you can snag one of these exclusive spots in just a moment).

You and I are going to sit down together...

And we'll diagnose your entire offer…

Your ads. Your swipe emails. Your copy. Your design. Your offer. Your up-sells. Everything.

And I'm going to tell you exactly what you can change to add between $100,000 and $5,000,000 to your business right away.

You'll walk away with a super-practical "Action List" that you can just hand off to your team to implement (and I’ll even help them implement it...more to come on that in a second).

In fact, you can even have your team implementing AT the event if you bring someone with you.

Obviously, these hot seats are an incredible value for the folks I'm giving feedback to.

But the truth is, they're just as valuable
(if not more valuable) to everyone
else in the room.


Because you're going to get an "under the hood" look at other people's funnels too.

How often do you get to see a $30, $50, or $100 million direct marketing business walk you through a step-by-step breakdown of what they're doing right now?


(By the way, we'll all be signing a NDA. This is to protect the business secrets of all participants at this event. The entire room will be a cone of silence for the entire event. ALSO if you don’t want to share your funnel, you do NOT have to)

But that's exactly what we're doing here with these hot seats.

We're going to dig deep into the numbers.

I’ll look at the entire funnel.

And I’ll systematically break down how to double, triple and even 10x the revenue your funnel is generating.

In other words, you're going to get an inside view at what's working right now.

Now, with most marketing conferences, they give you a dump of info and send you on your way to figure out how to do with it.

You've probably been to countless marketing seminars and events before.

You probably took tons of notes with the intention of implementing them all.

But when you got home, those ideas fell to the wayside.


With the Beat Your Control Seminar…

After the event, I'm going to be make sure your team implements your top 3 control beaters…

And I’ll hold them accountable with…

Four Live Follow-Up
Consulting Calls
To Make Sure Your Team
Implements What You Learn

Every week for 4 weeks after the seminar…

I'll jump on a 2-hour group Zoom call with your team, plus any other attendees from the seminar who want to join.

That's FOUR (4) group calls altogether.

And by team... I mean whoever you need to be on the call to help you implement these control beaters.

You can be on the call if you want. Or if you simply want your copywriters, designers, marketers, implementers to be on the call, then they can handle it for you.

Any question you (or your team) has for me… I'll answer.

Doesn't matter whether it's simply clarifying something we talked about…

Or the specifics of the Control Beaters you’re trying to implement.

Either way…

The follow-up calls are all about getting your team onboard with the implementation of your top Control Beaters.

So that you can MAKE MONEY from them (and not forget about them).

So let’s summarize what I’m going
to show you at the event…

  • I’m going to share my eighteen (18) “Seven Figure Control Beaters” with you…
  • These Control Beaters can easily add six or seven-figures to any of your current offers…
  • They can turn your front-ends from loss-leaders into profit-makers…
  • Some of them will not require you to change a single word of copy in your VSL or sales letter… while other control beaters will require minimal tweaks...
  • There will be countless examples and hot seats so you can see them in action…
  • If you’re up for it, I will help you implement at least one of them at the event itself…
  • There will be four group consulting calls post-event…
  • You are backed by my double-your-money-back, $50,000 guarantee…

Sound good?

I'm going to tell you exactly how to secure your seat in just a second.

But first, I must say that...

This Event Is NOT For Everyone

It should be obvious now...

This is not your typical marketing conference where you just go to network because the content is run-of-the-mill.

This will be a hardcore workshop environment.

We're going deep into advanced tactics here.

And if you're not already doing at least 7-figures a year in revenue (or 6 figures if you’re a copywriter)…

This event is not for you.

(My clients and those who have already registered are all in the high 7, 8 and even 9 figure businesses)


If you're not already bringing in at least 30 new customers every single day reliably…

And if you don't already have upsells in place and backend offers, then this is probably not for you either.

So who should come to the “Beat Your Control Seminar”?

Who Should Come To My
Beat Your Control Event
In Austin, Texas?

Here’s who needs to attend my Beat Your Control Seminar…

  • You have an offer that’s doing OK. It converts, but you lose money on cold traffic. So you can’t scale it as much as you’d like.

    At Beat Your Control...

    You’ll get the exact tweaks to make your offer profitable on cold traffic! Which will allow you to scale and bring in more customers than ever before.

  • You have an offer that used to work but it’s fatiguing. Maybe you're losing money on your traffic and media buys. Or maybe your affiliates don't mail as often as they used to.

    Either way...

    At Beat Your Control...

    You’ll get the exact tweaks needed to make your offer profitable again… so you can get back to scaling up your traffic. And get back to bringing in the number of customers each day that your offer used to bring in during its “heyday”.

  • You have an offer that's already kicking ass. You’re bringing in new customers every day. You’re business is growing at a great clip… but you suspect there’s some “hidden money” you’re leaving on the table.

At Beat Your Control...

You’ll get EVERY Control Beater I personally use to add 6 and 7 figures to my client’s businesses.

Imagine taking your business from seven to eight figures… or eight to nine figures.

Or boosting your AOV by $10, $20, possibly even $40 (I’ve done this before on a supplement offer)

With what I’ll show you at the Beat Your Control Seminar… this could happen.

If any of these sound like you, then I think you’d be a good fit for the event…


If you're a high level copywriter who's currently already working with 7-9
figure businesses... charging at least 5-30K + royalties... and you're sick
of writing twenty new sales pages a year...

Then you'll want to attend this event and see how I recently got checks of $57,000, $83,000 and $177,000 simply by rewriting upsell pages and checkout pages (which take me about a day to write).

That’s a hell of a lot easier than writing an entire sales page from scratch.

And I get paid a LOT more than most copywriters to do that.

I’ll show you how you can do the same for clients.

Look, the short of it is…

I only want you to invest in this seminar if you're in a position to immediately profit from these "7-Figure Control Beaters."

That's because…

This Seminar Isn’t Cheap…
It’s A Real Investment
For Serious Marketers

My consulting clients currently pay me between $40,000 - $150,000 on average to fix their funnels and sales pages.

And you know what?

They're happy to do it.

Because when you consider that these secrets go on to generate millions of dollars for their businesses…

It's an absolute steal.

Good luck finding a near-guaranteed 10x ROI anywhere else.

And while it's true that you'll be paying only a fraction of my normal consulting fees to attend this event...it’s still not cheap.

As I said at the beginning of this letter, the price of the event is $25,000.

Which is a lot of money (even for someone with a 7 or 8 figure business). But I’m confident that it will be the MOST profitable money you spend on your business this year.

In fact, I truly believe this will be THE marketing event of 2018.

Everyone who’s anyone in our industry will be there (or at the very least, sending someone from their team).

The sheer amount of marketing intelligence in the room alone will be mind blowing.

So if you’re ready for me to find an extra $100,000 - $5 million in your current funnels…

And if you meet the requirements set out above to attend…

Then let’s meet up in Austin in October.

But You Do Need
To Act Fast Here…

This is a small, private event.

As I’ve mentioned…

I will be limiting the hotseats to just 15 people.

On the hotseat, I’ll break down your entire funnel and show you what to fix, and what to change to get the conversions and AOV you need.

That means we’ll go through your ads, sales pages, checkout pages, upsells and confirmation pages with a fine-toothed comb.

You’ll get personal feedback from me. Along with the 14 other smart marketers in the room.

This is the same type of work my clients pay me $40,000 - $150,000. And you’ll be getting it for a fraction of that price.

As I shared above, on day two… we're doing hot seats.

These 15 hotseats are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

So if you want one of them, I urge you to act quickly.

And if that’s not enough for you to act now, rather than later…

Let me reassure you with my…

$50,000 Double Your Money Back Guarantee

I’ve said this many times already.

But yes… I am willing to to give you double-your-money-back for the event if you don’t get the results I’m promising.

Here’s how it works...

Come to my Beat Your Control event in October, in Austin, Texas.

Discover the "7-Figure Control Beaters" that have already generated more than $150 million in revenue for me and my clients.

Implement them in your own business.

Take advantage of the immediate profits they'll make you.

And if what you learned doesn’t make you at least $100,000 to $5 million over the next 12 months after implementing them…

I will pay you $50,000.

And here's the best part...

Because one of my goals is to put you into the black as quickly as possible…

At the very beginning of the seminar, I will give you one of my easiest-to-implement, proven control beaters that will boost the AOV on your 1st upsell by 20-25%.

Within 48 hours, you'll see an increase in your AOV on your first upsell.

Which means you’ll be making money while you’re at the event!

In short, I'm so confident in these secrets…

That I'm willing to put my personal money on the line and make it impossible for you not to profit from this seminar.

Here’s What You Need
To Do To Claim Your Spot

To pay for the event, I’ve set up three easy ways for you to pay (wire, paypal or check).

The price for the event is $25,000. If you plan on bringing someone else from your team, it’s $5,000 per extra person (max of 2 extra people).

If you can’t make it, but you want to send someone from your company in your place, that’s perfectly fine as well.

Remember, you are backed by my “ballsiest guarantee ever” of 200% of your money back. So if the “control beaters” I show you don’t get you more customers, or it doesn’t add $100,000 - $5,000,000 in revenue to your bottom line then I’ll refund 200% of your money back (that means I’ll give you $50,000 back for an event that costs $25,000)

To pay for the event, you do NOT need to mail a registration form in. Simply send your payment for however many people you plan on bringing ($25,000 for you, plus $5,000 for each additional person with a max of 2 extra people).

And if you want to email me or text me to let me know you’re coming, then you can do that as well. Once I get your payment your spot will be RESERVED.

Payment instructions are as follows…

Wire - For both domestic and international wires, the info is below…

Send to:
Account number
Routing number
Swift code:
Bank address:
Wild Harvest Seeds Inc.
Capital One, N.A.,
PO Box 17219, Baltimore, MD 21297-1219

Paypal - For paypal, you can send it directly to me at justingoff@gmail.com on Paypal. Since it’s for $25,000, Paypal may call you or ask you to confirm the amount.

Check - To mail a check, simply mail a check for $25,000 to the following address…

Justin Goff
2407 S Congress Ave Suite E 327
Austin, Tx 78704

Once I receive your check, I will email you and let you know.

Since the amount is $25,000 (or $30,000 if you plan on bringing someone from your team), I suggest paying by check or wire for the least hassles (or if you have an assistant have them do it).

And if you have any questions about payments, or even the event itself, you can call/text me at 614-623-5244 or email me at JustinGoff@gmail.com.

The Ultimate Reason You Need To Be
At My Beat Your Control Event

Now as a copywriter, I know this is where I'm supposed to give a super hard, emotional close to "convince" you to take action…

It's where I'm supposed to remind you about my "double your money back guarantee" or how what I'm teaching can literally make you millions of dollars.

But the truth is…

This isn't for everyone.

You either see the value here... or you don't get it.

As someone who's running at least a 7, 8 or 9 figure direct response business...

You know...

When your front-end offer clicks, everything in your business works.

You start bringing in hundreds of customers per day.

Those new customers are "in heat"...

These are the customers who are buying up the majority of what you pitch to your list...

These are the customers who are eagerly reading your emails...

These are the customers who will buy your back-end products, your cross-sells and the affiliate offers.

You want to grow fast?

You need a front-end that continuously brings in new customers.

It's as simple as that.

But there’s an ugly side that shows up when your front-end offer STOPS working.

Because when that happens, everything falls apart.

Your open rates on your emails go down. Your affiliate promos don't do as well.

Your list shrinks because people are unsubscribing and you're not adding new people.

It basically gets really hard to make money.

The money you used to make each month is vanishing. And now you’re lucky if you can break even each month.

That’s a feeling I don’t wish on you.

And you won’t have to experience that, after coming to my Beat Your Control event.

If you’ve read this far, then you need to be in Austin, Texas on October 9th, 10th and 11th.

I’m confident, the 15 seats for this event will sell out.
Right now, it's a matter of getting the right people in the room.

So if you feel this too expensive… or if you feel your business isn't in a place to leverage the advanced tactics and strategies I'll be sharing… no worries.

I'm not going to try and convince you otherwise.

But if you're one of these select few who are excited about what I shared in this letter… and are ready to discover the "7-figure Control Beaters” I’ve never shared with anyone…

Then you need to reserve your spot today.

I look forward to seeing you at the event, and helping you beat your control so you can acquire more customers and make an extra $100,000 - $5 million this year.


P.S. - Each of these "7-Figure Control Beaters" are extremely actionable.

And my goal is for you to make an extra $100,000 - $5,000,000 this year using them (depending on the size of your business).

As such, I strongly recommend you bring along a team member to help you implement (and profit from) these secrets during the event itself.

You can bring one of your employees along for just $5,000… a fraction of the cost of a full ticket.

Questions You Might Have

How does the double-your-money-back guarantee work?

It’s simple. At the event, I will show you all of my money-making Control Beaters over the 3 days of the event. At the end of the event I will personally give you 3 of them that you should focus on for your business.

I simply want you to implement these 3 control beaters on your funnel and test them. If they don’t let you acquire more customers… or give you an extra $100,000 - $5 million in PROFIT in the next 12 months, then I want you to let me know and I will give you double-your-money-back.

That means for an event you’re paying $25,000 for, I will give you a check for $50,000.

That’s a ballsy guarantee. And one you won’t find anyone else making.

But I’m doing it because I know I’m going to deliver for you just like I’ve delivered for my clients.

How is this different from what Russell Brunson, Ryan Deiss and Frank Kern teach?

What I’m going to share with you is NOT theory (or stuff that only works in the biz-op niche)

I’ll share exactly what I do for my clients who sell supplements, survival gear, financial newsletters, dating advice and personal development products.

What I’m going to share is stuff that I have rigorously tested, and I have proven it to work on at least 3 different funnels.

This is not stuff you’ll see guys like Russell Brunson, Ryan Deiss or Frank Kern teaching.

It is much more advanced than that.

How many days is the event?

2.5 days. The event starts at 2 PM on Tuesday, October 9th, and then ends at 5 PM on Thursday, October 11th.

We are starting at 2 PM on day one so you can fly in the morning of. And I will make sure we are done on day 3 by 5 PM so you can fly out that night if you’d like.

If I don’t get one of the hotseats will it still be worth it?

Yes, nearly everything I’m going to show you in the hotseats will be applicable to your funnel as well. And the 18 Control Beaters I’m going to show you I will give you in-depth examples of each one.

Honestly, just knowing 1 or 2 of these control beaters will be worth the price of the event.

Can you accommodate my paleo/vegetarian/gluten free/keto diet?

Yes. As someone who has a super-strict diet because of Crohn’s disease, I’m hyper-aware of food at events. So if you have ANY dietary requests (no matter how strange or crazy), I will make sure you’re taken care of.

Will you be recording the event to sell later?

I will not be recording this event to sell afterwards.

This event is about being hyper-actionable. It's about going deep into the specifics of your business. We're covering material that is not (and should not) be public domain. And I intend to fully respect the confidentiality of the folks that attend.

In short… the only way to discover these "7-Figure Control Beaters" is to attend in person.

Can I bring along someone on my marketing team?

Absolutely. I even recommend it.

My goal is for you to actually implement some of these Control Beaters AT the event (that way you make your money back before you even leave).

Each of these "7-Figure Control Beaters" are extremely actionable. And having a team member with you will let you implement them (and profit from them) at the event itself.

As such, you can bring one of your employees along with you for just $5,000… a fraction of the cost of a full ticket. You can bring two employees max.

Where's the seminar being held?

We're holding it at the beautiful Fairmont Hotel in Austin, Texas. They just built this hotel about 6 months ago and it’s perfect for an event like this.

It’s right next to all the good bars, barbecue joints and is walking distance to everything good in Austin.

I've reserved a special block of rooms for attendees. And I'll send you the full details for that once I get your payment. You’re also free to stay in an Airbnb or something like that if you wish.

How do I pay and sign-up for the event?

You can sign-up and pay for the event in 3 different ways…

Check, Wire or Paypal.

Once I have your payment your spot will be held.

To pay, simply follow the directions below…

Wire - For both domestic and international wires, the info is below…

Send to:
Account number
Routing number
Swift code:
Bank address:
Wild Harvest Seeds Inc.
Capital One, N.A.,
PO Box 17219, Baltimore, MD 21297-1219

Paypal - For paypal, you can send it directly to me at justingoff@gmail.com on Paypal. Since it’s for $25,000, Paypal may call you or ask you to confirm the amount.

Check - To mail a check, simply mail a check for $25,000 to the following address…

Justin Goff
2407 S Congress Ave Suite E 327
Austin, Tx 78704

Once I receive your check, I will email you and let you know.

Since the amount is $25,000 (or $30,000 if you plan on bringing someone from your team), I suggest paying by check or wire for the least hassles (or if you have an assistant have them do it).